How We Care for Each Other

posted Apr 28, 2016, 5:39 PM by Todd Randolph   [ updated May 1, 2016, 7:28 PM by Amelia Fannin ]
Grace Newton pastoral care

This Sunday
, 30+ parishioners gathered for lunch after church to talk about how we do pastoral care at Grace, to hear from each other, and to sign up to be involved in different areas (such as providing meals, sending cards, and visiting). The Social Action Committee was in the kitchen having their own lunch meeting, and it struck me that this was a rich sign of these two aspects of ministry: caring for the world, and caring for each other. We are indeed a caring and a lunch-ing people at Grace!
We heard from several people about the impact of pastoral care on their lives. Connie Conn spoke of the long visiting relationship she had with a parish elder, and how she received as much as she gave during these years of visits. Molly Stearns spoke about how, in this year when she and Owen have had the bad luck to each get pneumonia, receiving meals from Grace friends made her feel that her family truly belonged to our parish community.
If you missed the meeting but would like your name added to the email list to be contacted when miscellaneous needs arise, please email me ( of Sallie Dunning ( to add your name in one of more categories. Many thanks to Ellen Sheehy and Carolyn Sprich for their many years of faithful ministry to those in need in our parish, and for coordinating the lunch along with Sallie.