Mentors and Friends in Christ

posted May 26, 2016, 6:55 PM by Amelia Fannin
On Trinity Sunday, I was away from Grace to attend worship at Trinity Church, Concord, for the Rev. Tony Buquor’s last service as rector. Tony hired me straight from seminary in the spring of 2003 to serve as Director of Children’s Ministries. He had only been at Trinity a few months himself, having come from the diocese of South Dakota. Over the next three years and continuing after my own ordination, he was an important mentor to me. He taught me so much about mutual ministry, pastoral care, and preaching with authenticity, and has long been a model of kindness and faithfulness for me.
Grace Newton Trinity Church Concord
It was great to celebrate with Tony and his wife Lou and their family, and to reflect on all he and the parish had done together over the years. It was also wonderful to see so many people that I hadn’t seen in the better part of a decade. One boy who I taught in Godly Play is now over 6 feet tall! Another girl, now in high school, long ago painted a ceramic cross for me, which now hangs in my study at Grace. She painted two flowers on it, which I have always interpreted as the friendship we have together in Christ.
The marvelous thing about this friendship is that it never ends. We remain connected to each other in Jesus’ love across time and distance, and even in the face of death. Who has formed you in faith, and helped you discern who you are in God? Perhaps you might take the time this week to write them a note, or to give thanks for them in your prayer.

p.s. You'll notice the description of the Episcopal City Mission annual fundraising event on Tuesday, June 14th, further down Grace Today. In the past, this has been a dinner. This year, it includes a worship service and the welcome of ECM's new executive director. Grace is still a sponsor, but we aren't sponsoring a table--because there aren't any! Sign up on your own, and send me an email at that you are attending, so we can meet up as a group before the service begins.