Summertime Views From the Pew

posted Aug 5, 2016, 1:28 PM by Amelia Fannin
All Saints Episcopal Utah
While visiting Chris’s family in Utah last week, we attended All Saints Episcopal Church in Salt Lake City. The folks were friendly, the worship was engaging and inviting, we sang some favorite hymns, the rector preached a great sermon—and then baptized his baby grandson! All Saints reminded me of what I love about the Episcopal Church, which was perhaps symbolized by one of the youth acolytes in the service, in his white alb and with one half of his dark hair bleached blonde: we can be traditional and modern, formal but still fun, eclectic and inclusive. And in all of these qualities, of course, we are following Jesus, who never denigrated his tradition but was not afraid to reform it, even radically; who welcomed all, the rich and the poor and the formal and the quirky alike; who was open to all, but who put the love of God above all things. So I was grateful for a vacation “view from the pew,” which did indeed refresh my soul. I hope you get a chance to visit another parish like this on your vacation travels, as well!