Sustenance and Sustaining Grace

posted Oct 14, 2016, 7:31 AM by Amelia Fannin

We joke that we are a church that loves to eat, as our many potlucks, receptions and dinners attest. But, apart from the yummy food, we love to eat because meals are about fellowship and time together, conviviality and fun. Jesus was accused by his opponents of loving food, drink, and parties too much—so perhaps we’re in good company!

A great way to get to know each other better while enjoying a delicious meal is to sign up attend one of our Stewardship Dinners at the home of Grace parishioners. Sign up for a date, and you will be assigned to a host. This year, we are also having a Sunday afternoon tea at church as another option. At these dinners (or tea), we take a few moments to reflect on our own stewardship and giving of time, talent, and treasure to our parish. This year’s theme is Sustaining Grace. God’s grace sustains us, and our parish leadership is exploring a number of avenues to make Grace Church more sustainable: in terms of reaching out to adults, children, and youth in invitation; financially; and in terms of our energy use. I hope to see you at one of these events!

In Christ,