Vocation and Perseverance

posted Nov 21, 2016, 4:49 PM by Amelia Fannin

In light of the recent election, I have been pondering the idea of vocation: in this new political reality, what is my work to do? In what areas of my work do I need to go deeper now? Are there other things that I previously did not consider “my” work, that I must reconsider? I am reminded, too, that living out our vocations, whatever they may be, happens over the long haul, and requires great perseverance.
One example of vocational perseverance at Grace Church is the Rev. Dr. John Townsend, who remains a committed and active priest and scholar as he approaches his ninetieth birthday next year. As is their custom at this time of year, this week John and Mary are making the trek to the American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature conference, where 10,000 religious and biblical studies scholars gather annually. This year it is in San Antonio, Texas.
And this year, John will be honored with a panel and a newly-published book of essays by former students, titled Bridging between Sister Religions: Studies of Jewish and Christian Scriptures Offered in Honor of Professor John T. Townsend, published by Brill.
Please pray for traveling mercies for John and Mary, and give him your congratulations when he returns!
In Christ,