Welcoming All Week

posted May 12, 2016, 9:46 PM by Amelia Fannin
On Sunday, we had a visitor to the 10:30 service who serves in a diocesan role and so visits many different Episcopal churches in our diocese on a regular basis. I want to pass on to all of you how very welcome she felt at our worship, as many of you greeted her personally before church, at the Peace, and afterwards. She also affirmed that she was warmly welcomed, but not “over-welcomed” (!) or inundated by all of us. She told me that the kind of authentic welcome we offer to visitors does not necessarily happen all around the diocese. I told her that it is something we take very seriously at Grace, and see as everyone’s job. Kudos!
Grace Newton Hosts Local Community Groups
You may not know that Grace Church welcomes many other folks during the week, even when most of our church is not at church. (Do you see how that works? We are the church, not the building!) A number of community groups such as 12-Step groups, local dance groups, choirs, and more use our parish house during the week (in addition to our tenants, Riverside Counseling Center, who does great community mental health work out of Grace’s rectory next door). One group I always look forward to is Newton Weston Wellesley Community Living (NWW). Once a month, this group sets up shop in the Large Hall, and throws a wonderful themed gathering for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their caregivers. Yesterday evening was a dog show! You can learn more about NWW here. www.nwwcomittee.org When we welcome others, we imitate Jesus, and also honor Christ’s image in everyone we meet.