Sharing Our Gifts, Passions and Ministries series begins

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Sharing  Our Gifts, Passions and Ministries series:
On April 12th, the Diversity Committee will present Michelle Alexander's book The New Jim Crow.  We are hopeful that this introductory conversation will generate heightened interest to be continued in a longer and more in-depth conversation in a separate session.
The diocese's ongoing B-PEACE antiviolence campaign has recommended this book as a focus for discussion in parishes..  "Alexander's research makes the case that mass incarceration has become a systemic means of marginalizing young men of color.  B-PEACE organizers hope that group study of the book in congregations can spark discussion about the connections between racism, poverty and violence."
"The New Jim Crow  is a grand wake-up call in the midst of a long slumber of indifference to the poor and vulnerable." - Cornell West
This April 12th discussion will be the introduction to an important dialogue. The book is available at Grace. Please contact Courtney Fallon, Yvonne Gomez-Carrion or Paul Wong if interested in a copy. Of course, you don't have to read the book to come to the discussion.

Mary Malagodi
for GDG committee

Sunday, April 26, “Pope Francis and the Uses of Power”
The Reverend Professor James Weiss, Department of Theology, Boston College
This renowned “Vaticanista” scholar will join us again at Grace Church to speak this time about new Pope Francis’s background and manifestations of power in the Roman Catholic Church.  He will focus on some of  the Pope’s inspired declarations and promotion of  key policies for the implementation of change in the Vatican and around the world.

Harry Rosser