Grace Church Graduation Milestones

posted Jun 18, 2016, 10:49 AM by Amelia Fannin

This Sunday, June 19, we’ll be honoring our high school seniors.

But we thought it would be nice to list other milestones, as well!

Madeleine Aquilina: Graduated from Oberlin College

Abigail Bruins: Graduated from The University of Miami (Coral Gables)with honors (Marian and Bill’s granddaughter)

Lauren Chase: Graduated from Pine Manor (Yvonne Gomez-Carrion's daughter

Caroline Crook: Graduated from Day Middle School and will be attending Newton North High School

Claire Dunning: Received a PhD in American History from Harvard University and will begin a Post Doc at Stanford University

Joe Fort: Received a PhD in Music from Harvard University

Isabel Meigs: Graduated from Reed College and received a Fulbright Scholarship

Stoddard Meigs: Graduated from Vassar College

Mary Randolph: Graduated from the Advent School (Beacon Hill) and will be attending Buckingham, Browne and Nichols as a 7th grader

Cecily Walton: Graduated from pre-school and will be attending Thompson School in Arlington

Jane Yannis: Graduated from the Winship School (Brighton) and will be attending the Jackson-Mann School (Brighton)

Congratulations to all of the above and any others I haven’t heard about. Milestones are important and should be acknowledged whenever we can.