March 11

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Junior Choir 9:30;   
Children’s Chapel 10:15;
Godly Play, Firelight classes 10:30   

CORI and Safe Church Training: Our Community’s Lenten Discipline

Our important work on the Community’s Lenten discipline of making Grace Church safe for all children, and all that teach them, has begun!  Letters will be sent out today to those of you who work with children at Grace, and to all members of the Vestry, giving you the link to the Safe Church website so that you can complete the online training.  

I think a fear all of us have, although we might feel foolish admitting it, is that learning about harm that can come to our children somehow invites that harm.  It is only human to want to shy away from evil in the world, to avoid engaging even with the possibility that it might happen.   But in reality, the training helps you to be an empowered, informed protector of children, not only here at Grace, but in any situation where children might be at risk.  It familiarizes you with the potential risks, helps you to recognize them and how to respond if they occur, and gives everyone who takes it a common resource of information on a difficult subject.  

It is also very good training.  It tackles the subject with simplicity and clarity, giving you short videos to watch, and then asking you questions about what happened.   The three sections can be taken one by one, and I completed each section in about 45 minutes.  I know that of all the resources you offer to Grace, time is one of the most valuable.  I hope that you will all feel that the time you spent completing this training was valuable to you, and to the safety of all God’s children.

Grace Church is growing, and a number of our newcomers have babies and toddlers, so we have hired a second childcare provider to work with Katey.  Her name is Sandra Lee, and she came to us through Bostons Best Babysitters, an excellent agency in Boston which provides vetted babysitters for institutions and families.  As from this Sunday, in keeping with longstanding Grace Church policy, Sandra and Katey will remain in the room until 12:30 pm, and parents or grandparents are asked to come and collect their children during the announcements if they wish them to receive communion, or to collect them after church.  Nursery childcare will be provided throughout the service, and continuing until 12.30 pm, so that parents of our youngest children can even have a moment to themselves for a cup of coffee and a chat!

Common Cathedral Experience Shared at Grace Discussion Group
And finally, one more huge thank you to Dylan, Ellen, and Jonah, our three Middle Schoolers, who, along with Andree Saulnier,  gave  such a wonderful account of their visit to Common Cathedral.  It was so moving to hear how they had been affected by the experience of standing out in the freezing cold, serving sandwiches, and participating in worship, in solidarity with the homeless community of Common Cathedral.  I was moved by their awareness that some people would have liked cheese sandwiches, (Margaret pointed out that many homeless people have dental problems and can’t eat ham) and that perhaps they could have offered warm food on such a cold day – the hot cocoa provided apparently soon ran out.  I really hope that they will have another chance to visit, to  continue offering real and spiritual food, and to continue learning about those in our community who are homeless.  I also give thanks for all the adults who made this visit possible; Andree Saulnier and Jonathan Downs, Lissa Conn, and Sally Dunning.