March 25

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 9:30 AM      Nursery, Junior Choir
10:15 AM      Children’s Chapel
10:30 AM     Church School –
                        Godly Play: Faces of Christ
                        Firelight: Drama based on Last Supper
                        Middle School: Making Communion Bread
                             for Maundy Thursday !!!!!!!!

Nursery Care is available from 9:30 A.M - 12:30 PM upstairs next to Godly Play Room.

Godly Play® Training

This week I am giving over my column to Susan Keefe and Regina Raz, so that you can hear about their experience of Godly Play training last Saturday.

“How do we not just teach our children’s minds, but teach their souls? We want our children to be gracious and grateful, we want them to have courage in difficult times, we want them to have a sense of joy and purpose. That’s what it means to nurture their spiritual lives”. Rabbi Sandy Sasso, 2009.

Regina Raz and Susan Keefe participated in Godly Play® Training on Saturday, March 17th. This was the first in a series of three all-day sessions, led by the Rev. Cheryl V. Minor at All Saints' Episcopal Church in Belmont, a designated a “Godly Play Center of Excellence”.  (Rev. Cheryl Minor trained with Jerome Berryman, and is one of the most experienced Godly Play teachers in the United States.)
Grace Church has been using the Godly Play methodology for children ages 3-5, thanks to the commitment of several parents who already are certified Teachers. This approach to Christian education, developed by theologian Jerome W. Berryman, has its roots in the Montessori tradition of discovery-based learning and encourages the experience of God through storytelling and play (“children’s work”). Godly Play educators believe that children have an experience of spirituality at a very early age, but that they lack a language to talk about it and to work with it. The emphasis, then, is not on teaching children spirituality or what they should know about God, but rather on helping them to develop a relationship with God.
The training was very rewarding for participants, and included learning how to tell the Sacred Stories, and interesting discussions about of the Spirituality of the Child. After additional sessions in April and May that will cover storytelling of Parables and Liturgical Actions, as well as classroom environment and management, Regina and Susan will be certified to teach Godly Play.

More information about Godly Play® can be found

"Spirituality is like a bird; if you hold it too tightly, it chokes; if you hold it too loosely, it flies away.  Fundamental to spirituality is the absence of force."  Rabbi Hugo Gryn