May 22: Childrens Chapel Returns at 10:15

posted May 20, 2016, 9:40 AM by Amelia Fannin
Pentecost was full of fire, wind, and many moving parts! We wrapped-up the final Sunday of Formation Station by creating some Pentecost crafts. You may have seen that we made fiery headbands, torches made of ribbon and wood dowels, and some rice-filled shakers to mimic the sound of rushing wind. The children that were in the service were invited to participate in the dramatic reading by waving their torches and adding some windy sound effects. The kids also passed out red carnations at the start of the service. At the end of the service we processed into the memorial garden where we released via flame the prayers that once hung over the font art installation. We prayed over them and as they went up in smoke the kids were invited to blow bubbles, representing the movement of the Holy Spirit in wind and flame.

Starting this Sunday, we will return to 10:15AM Children's Chapel. Part of this time will be learning our memory verse (Rom. 8:38-39) and discerning what to do with out gifts and offerings! During the service we will be working in the gardens! Please email me if you would be willing to lend your gardening guidance over the next few Sundays.