Middleschool Bake Sale benefits micro-loans

posted May 17, 2012, 7:21 AM by Amelia Fannin   [ updated May 17, 2012, 7:21 AM by in apropos ]
About half way through, Jonathan Downs  took a photo of the amazing Bake Sale that the Middle School Youth Group hosted last Sunday.  The actual goods on sale are obscured by the frenzied crowd of adults and children, and the picture is a little blurred, as if someone did not notice him whilst trying to break their way through to get the very last Zebra cupcake, or maybe it was the “Magniflorious Baklava”, or the “Spiffy Cornbread”, or the “Scone-a-licious Scones”.  (Those of you in advertising, take note!)

The Bake Sale raised an amazing $170, which means that either we baked waaaay more goodies than we remember, or that y’all were amazingly generous in aid of a good cause.  The teens are now going to take this money, and the money they raised the previous week, and make some decisions about who they should support with a micro-loan.  They have already talked about supporting women.  They could split their money and support four or five different projects.  They might look for people who already have projects up and running, but a piece of equipment – a sewing machine, a motorbike, a fridge, has broken down, so they need to replace it.  Or maybe they’ll choose a first-time project, to give someone new a chance.  But whatever they do, they will be, in a phrase that has recently become very popular in my house, “ breaking the cycle of poverty”.   We will be sure to announce whom they choose to support, and give you regular updates on the success of their loan recipients.

On Sunday June 3rd, it will be the turn of our graduating High School Seniors to shine.  
In talking to students and parents, I’m realizing that this is a time of both great excitement and great stress, so do take a moment to congratulate and commiserate if you have friends who are approaching this milestone.  Tim King and Stoddard Meigs are our readers, and Isabel Meigs and Madeleine Aquilina are our preachers.  Sallie Dunning is organizing Coffee Hour.  Come and celebrate our seniors as they move from our community into the wide world!

Peace and Joy,
Fiona Vidal-White