Our Spring Commitment

posted May 8, 2013, 8:11 AM by Amelia Fannin   [ updated May 8, 2013, 8:11 AM by in apropos ]
I want it begin by congratulating all our teenagers, who took part in the Walk for Hunger on our behalf; Jonah Yannis, Caroline Crook, Dylan Crook, Zoe White, and Ellen Downs, and the adults who accompanied them, Lisa Tieszen, David Barbrow, and Margaret Crook.  The whole group walked from the starting point on Boston Common to Newton, a ten mile journey, and then after lunch the girls continued on all the way to Harvard, a whopping 15 miles.  Thank you so much for your participation and commitment, and a special thank you to Lisa, who arranged it all, and Andree Saulnier and Jonathan Downs, who prepared a much - appreciated lunch for the walkers.
At last it is spring.  I recently started carrying my camera in my purse, so that I could stop on my journey and take photos of the spectacular flowering trees and shrubs, and beautifully kept gardens, that are such a pleasure at this time of year. 
Spring also brings a challenge to Christian education programs everywhere - all of a sudden our weekend calendars fill with all kinds of end of year activities - dance recitals, sports, end of season games, family celebrations.  Every one of us has to make priorities, for ourselves and our families, and tough decisions have to be made.   But meanwhile, Church School, and Grace's weekly schedule continues, so we really hope that you and your children will be with us each week to enjoy learning and worship.  In the next few weeks we hope to work on a song that we can share during worship, and we have an important art project based on the stories of Jesus' appearances after hie resurrection.

Coming up:
Sunday, May 12.
An ordinary Sunday, the last one we'll have for quite a while!
Sunday, May 19 
Pentecost.  Kids will stay for the first half of the service, to hear the gospel read in many languages.
Sunday, May 25. 
Memorial Day weekend - One Room Church School.
Sunday, June 2   
Senior Sunday.  We honor seniors Derek Wong and Bella Rao, and our wonderful church school teachers.
Sunday June 9
End of year picnic.