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Here's a question that popped into my head: were there children present at the events of Pentecost?  30 years ago we seemed take it for granted that Jesus' followers were all men.  But we know from the account of the book of Acts that women were very active in the formation of the early church after Jesus' resurrection, and surely they would have been involved in his ministry before his death?  I mentioned before that my friend Amy Cook acted out the story of Jesus' appearance on the road to Emmaus from the point of view of a woman who was the wife of the other traveler.  This made perfect sense to me.  Maybe they were both wealthy, their children not living with them, and they had both been drawn to Jesus' message.

We also know that by the nature of his focus on justice and equality, Jesus probably had many followers from the lowest strata of society - slaves, servants, immigrants. These people would no doubt have had their children with them- if you were poor, and were offered to join a community that provides a free meal, wouldn't you be there?  And so I'm going to make the leap that when Jesus's followers gathered in the upper room to celebrate the feast of Pentecost, there were children there too.  What would their response have been?  I have two theories.
My first thought is that they would have been giddy with the wonder and excitement of it all.  They would have been both terrified and thrilled at the flames resting on their heads, the mighty wind whooshing through the room.  They would have rushed from person to person, seeing conversations and understandings take place that were new and unexpected. 
My other theory, however, is that maybe it would have all seemed quite natural to them.  There is a story that my parents love to tell.  When I was four, and my brother just two, we took our ancient car over the channel for a holiday in Yugoslavia.  On our return to the coast, the car broke down.  Luckily my father had joined the equivalent of AAA, and so we and the car were put onto a train for the journey home.  Apparently my brother and I spent the entire day-long journey running up and down the corridors with children from a number of different countries, somehow finding a way to communicate well enough to play games, eat together, watch the world go by out the window, without realizing that we all spoke different languages.  "Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings" indeed. We can learn so much from what amazes our children, and what they accept without question, and wonder whether we might learn something from the difference in their responses to the world around them, and ours.

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