September 19th Message

posted Sep 20, 2012, 10:33 AM by Amelia Fannin   [ updated Sep 20, 2012, 10:33 AM by in apropos ]

Things are already busy, busy, busy in Grace Christian Education.  Upstairs this Sunday five pre-schoolers learned the Godly Play story of the Flood, while the toddlers hung out with our wonderful nursery staff.  Meanwhile in Firelight, we’ve been learning about the organization of our Diocese.  

We’ve learned that we are members of  Grace Church that is a member of the Charles River Deanery, that is a member of the Diocese of Massachusetts, that is led by a Bishop, Tom, and a Suffragan Bishop, Gayle, “Suffragan” being a fancy word for assistant.  We’ve learned the different symbols found on the Diocesan crest, and colored it either in its colors of red, blue and gold, or in our own, more creative color schemes.  And we’ve learned all about Bishop Tom, who will be visiting us on Sunday.  While telling them about a bishop’s vestments, I said that Tom would be wearing purple, which the children correctly identified as “the color of Kings.”  But then I corrected myself.

“Actually, he won’t be wearing purple like other bishops, he will be wearing black.  Does anyone know why?”
 “Because he’s humble, and black is a humble color”, said one wise soul.  And so we discussed the fact that Bishop Tom was a monk, and how a Bishop was both a leader, and a humble person.  

Meanwhile the Middle Schoolers had their own excitement.  A new family that came last week brought their cousins this week, almost doubling the size of the class.  The group was split into two, and each group looked at our Kiva micro-lending account.   Some of the original business owners we chose to invest in have already returned their investment.  This means that the group could begin to reinvest in new clients.  

One group chose a man who asked for a loan to spread the cost of sending his three children to High School, so that they in turn would be able to find better jobs.  The other group chose a candy maker in Chile and a door to door seller of cosmetics in the Philippines.  There is an incredible sense of empowerment for teenagers, knowing that this process of lending money, of having it returned with thanks, and then repeating the process, continues to help people in the poorest parts of our world, to slowly but surely improve their lot.

And finally, we have an amazing roster of acolytes this year.  Every single Church School attendee in grades 5 through 8, 12 of them, has chosen to be an acolyte this year.  There are 8 further High School Acolytes.  Scott Aquilina, our Acolyte Leader, now has five teams of four, making it much easier to schedule.  A huge thanks to Scott – he was pressed into service at the beginning of last year in this role, and his hard work and commitment is bearing fruit.  And a huge thanks to all the teachers who are on our roster for this year, and who attended meetings on Sunday – about fifteen in all.  In our busy lives, sometimes the hardest thing to give is our time, and I am so grateful to those who are doing just that.  

Fiona Vidal-White