Silent Prayer

posted Oct 24, 2012, 10:08 AM by Amelia Fannin   [ updated Oct 24, 2012, 10:08 AM by in apropos ]

One of the joys of teaching is what you learn from your students.  Our chapel time has been irregular in the last few weeks, due to all the changes in our regular Sunday morning schedule, but this Sunday I asked the children if they would like to have some time for silent prayer.  I was surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response.  Some said, we never get to be quiet.  Others didn't say much - because it's their nature to be quiet, and the constant noise and activity of school is overwhelming to them.  Some are from families with noisy little sisters and brothers, and enjoy a little time for themselves.  One student said that she did yoga class, and they had time for silence then.  It's clear that the importance of silence, and the opportunity for it, is something this generation of children is thinking about.  Of course, some children (and adults) find a time of silence hard.  It's a challenge to quiet their minds and bodies.  In this world of individualized learning, it's so important to remember that we give everyone both a chance to experience something that suits their own learning style, and something that challenges it. 
Silence is unquestionably a part of the Religious experience.  We Episcopalians haven't always been the best at embracing it.  We love our music and liturgy, our lively debate, and our social action.  But living in these times of constant literal and figurative noise, I'm so glad that our young children are growing up realizing that taking time to be quiet and listen to the still small voice of God is important.


This Sunday, October 7th, is the Blessing of the Animals which is an Intergenerational Service.  Sunday School will not meet. Nursery Care is available for younger children (3 and under) but Parents should plan on having their children and their pets at the Service.

Our regular schedule resumes October 14th.