The Gospel of Luke

posted Feb 6, 2013, 10:45 AM by Amelia Fannin   [ updated Feb 6, 2013, 10:45 AM by in apropos ]
Sometimes when you've been teaching a long time, it's hard to remember that what seems easy and familiar to you might not be to your students.  Luckily I have excellent parent-teachers who remind me.  Recently one of them pointed out to me that, whereas we take the language and the content of the bible for granted, children have very little exposure to the bible these days.  They don't even get to hear the weekly readings as we are not in church for the first half of the service. 
And so we have launched on a study of this year's gospel, the gospel of Luke, from now until Easter.  We are learning about Jesus' ministry, from his baptism to his crucifixion and resurrection, but we are also learning about this document that is central to our faith.  How do we find a book, a chapter and a verse?  How was it written?  Why was it written?   Who wrote the different gospels?  Why are there four, and not three, or six, or ten?  I'll be honest - I wasn't expecting the children to be as engaged as they are.  I thought I had dug a little too deep, but they wanted to know even more.  This Sunday a parent told me that, on the way home from a swimming practice with her team mates, her daughter had regaled them with all she had learned, beginning with the fact that we now call the "Old Testament" the "Hebrew Bible" out of respect for our Jewish brothers and sisters who do not regard it as old or less relevant, but as their central text.
It's never easy to know what to teach, what children know, what they say they care about, but don't, and what they say they don't care about but are actually eager to know.  Part of faith in God is the faith that teaching our children the fundamentals of Christianity is always a good and joyful thing.


Join us February 12th!
On Tuesday February 12th, at our Mardi Gras party, we will be celebrating Linda's ministry here at Grace Church.  Please be there to honor Linda, and her wonderful work with the Junior Choir and the Singing School.  There will be crafts for children, including decorating masks and making necklaces.
Child care will be provided.