What an amazing celebration we had on Sunday!

posted Sep 18, 2012, 9:39 AM by Amelia Fannin   [ updated Sep 18, 2012, 9:39 AM by in apropos ]
Our church has grown over the summer, with six baptisms, and, from infants to acolyting teens, there were more than 30 under-18’s at church on Sunday.  Classes started this Sunday, and the children of  Firelight learned about our Bishops, and fancy words like Deanery, Diocese, Miter and Suffragan, in preparation for Bishop Tom’s visit.  Rev. Margaret and I were delighted to introduce the Blessing of the Backpacks to our beginning-of-year celebration, and many of you told me how meaningful you found it.  And then we had a wonderful party, with Sidewalk Sam, who, I learned, is a truly special and spiritual man, and a wonderful magician, and a banquet of food and drink.  

And behind the scenes, we also got a lot of work done.  I am so grateful to Margaret Crook, our new Chair of the Christian Education Committee, Leah Gassett, and Melissa Umbsen, for handling Church School Registration with such grace and efficiency.  We are still registering, so if you didn’t get a chance to fill in the flamingo-pink form, please do so next week if you can.  Meanwhile, Scott Aquilina and Rev. Margaret were working with acolytes, and welcomed several new members to their group.  We are so grateful for Scott’s faithful work with our young people, and the time and service that he and they give to Grace.  We look forward to their quiet presence in church each Sunday.

Upcoming events:
This Sunday is a busy one.  There will be a Teachers Breakfast at 9am to 10am. After church, at 12.30, I invite everyone to join me in the Godly Play Room as I present a lesson, and answer questions about the Godly Play ethos and curriculum.  Please come if you are:
•    An interested parent
•    Considering teaching
•    Interested in the curriculum we teach our children
•    Want to learn more about the Church Calendar.

The Bishop is Coming!  The Bishop is Coming!
On Sunday September 23rd Bishop Tom will be here.  A Bishop’s visit is a special and important occasion, and it is so good for our children to meet him.  Please try to be there if you possibly can!   There will be a special time for children, youth and parents to meet with Tom after church. 

I look forward to another wonderful growing year with the parents and children of Grace!
Peace and Joy,