Help Us Reach Our Goal - Mosquito Nets!

posted Jan 3, 2013, 9:17 AM by Amelia Fannin
Please consider a donation to Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) and help  Grace meet their goal of $3,000 for parishioner donations.  We now have donations of $1,100 and hope to raise $3,000 by January 13 when Robert Radtke, President of ERD, visits Grace Church.  The Grace Social Action Committee is focusing on ERD's Netsforlife program this year, asking parishioners to donate $12 for one net, $120 for ten nets or $300 to help 25 families.  Parishioners can contribute to buy mosquito nets or any item in ERD's Gifts for Life Catalogue which includes farm animals, medical and school supplies.  Please give donations to any member of the Social Action Committee, put them in the plate on Sunday or make them online at  If you make an online donation, please let Leslie Lockhart (  know the amount so we can track progress towards our goal.  Thanks very much for your generosity  

Leslie Lockhart, Co-Chair,
Social Action Committee