Retirement of Prayer Flag Installation

posted Apr 28, 2016, 6:01 PM by Amelia Fannin
Grace Newton Prayer Flag Installation
Back in 2008, as part of a project led by our Former Music Director Linda Clark, and funded by a grant from the Calvin Institute, an art installation inspired by the tradition of Tibetan prayer flags was installed over the baptismal font.  Many parishioners contributed to the project.  Julia Talcott designed the installation, Doug Lloyd contrived the wire supports, and Christopher Rao was also very involved in the project.  Eight years on, the Worship Committee, in consultation with those involved in the project, determined that it was time to retire it. Carolyn Wong worked with our sexton, Jeff Gotham, this week to remove it. The ribbons and prayers will be ceremonially burned to release them to the winds on Pentecost. Jared Wyma-Bradley will oversee this ceremony. The wire supports have been left in place so that they may be used in the future.