Stewardship Dinners

posted Oct 23, 2014, 10:56 AM by Amelia Fannin
On November 9th and again on the 16th, a wonderful group of Grace parishioners will host small dinners in their homes to allow us to enjoy a meal together with others in our faith community.  In the past, these dinners have proven to be among the most joyful things we do together.  So pick your date asap. 
You can help by telling us which of the two dates (November 9th or November 16th) you are available to attend one of these dinners.  Just choose a date and let us know by signing up.  Use the 2014 Stewardship Dinner Date list in the office, or email Grace at or call Ellen Sheehy at 617-965-2354.  Your request will be acknowledged and as we get closer to November, you will be confirmed at a specific dinner.

Owen Stearns for the Stewardship Committee