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Ask a middle schooler!

posted Oct 2, 2013, 8:22 AM by Amelia Fannin   [ updated Oct 2, 2013, 8:22 AM by in apropos ]
This week the middle school class continued our study of Genesis by covering the story of Noah.   With only a tape measure, a calculator and a Bible, we figured out the dimensions of the Ark and paced it outside as a group.   If you placed the stern at Grace and headed toward the Turnpike, do you know how much ground the Ark would have covered?   Ask a middle schooler!
We came with some facts about the volume of food it takes to feed a person for a year.  (The rain lasted 40 days but waiting for everything to dry lasted about a year.)   The class made a quick estimate around the question - could you fit food for all those animals in a boat that size?
Which brings us to the two questions that we really covered.   First, how do we modern people read stories like this?   Second - because we're spiritually reckless - we asked did the Flood "work"?   That is, did it wipe away sin from the world?   To answer this second question I brought Sunday's New York Times.
Dylan, one of our middle schoolers, pointed out "because the New York Times exists, the answer is no!"  I was so arrested by this wisdom that I wrote it down then and there, word for word.  
Why?  When you have an ache for long enough, you can get to the point of no longer feeling it.   We're habituated to living in a world where we take our morning papers for granted.  I confess to reading mine over coffee every day.  We feel sorrow or outrage over egregious wrongs like hunger amidst plenty.  But if we're honest,  we also habituate to sin and don't even notice all the ways we play the game every day.
But thanks be to God who brings kids into our midst and speaks to us through them.  For their sake and for His, let's keep our sleeves rolled up, get un-used to things, and strive to serve Him every day in unity, constancy and peace.
David Barbrow
Senior Warden