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Christian Ed Changes

posted May 1, 2013, 10:33 AM by Amelia Fannin   [ updated May 1, 2013, 10:33 AM by in apropos ]
In today's Grace Today, our head of Christian Education shares her plans for the fall.   Fiona's opening a program for kids who aren't being well served by their schools.   That's a big deal - she and some colleagues have been lining up space, personnel and program.  She's going to give this program her all, just as she's given Grace her all.
I've taught with Fiona these past two years, and let me tell you - she's dynamic in the classroom and a very thoughtful theologian outside the classroom.  She's tremendously talented and the kids love her.   It would sound "corporate" for me to say that it's been a privilege to work with her, but...  well, it's been a privilege to work with her!  She's a colleague, fellow teacher and friend.
Now, here are two important facts you need to know.
First, the Christian Education committee's hard at work on finding a new Christian Ed Director.   Margaret Crook, the committee chair, with help from Fiona and Susan Keefe have written a job description.  We've already posted our opening with the diocese and nearby seminaries (including EDS and Andover Newton).   We'll be posting it on our website by the end of this week.   We'll be actively following up in the weeks ahead.
Second, we're going to have a fun, vigorous and engaging program in the fall.   I and other teachers will be back.  The act of sharing enthusiasm for good works with our kids and growing together in the faith is reborn at Grace every week.  This September will be no exception.
I'm so grateful for every family that worships at Grace Church.  You are awesome and your kids are unbelievably great.
Lastly,  I have a request - this means you!   Please take a second right now and pray for Fiona's new program, that she and her colleagues spread their talents wide to the benefit of as many kids as need them.   Thanks, Fiona, for everything you've done for Grace Church.
David Barbrow
Senior Warden


From Fiona

In October of 2011 I was invited to Grace Church for a three -month consultancy to assist lay leaders in restoring the Christian Education program to full strength.  This led to an agreement to remain as Interim Assistant of Christian Education for the school year, and when I was invited to remain for a further year, I said yes, because of the wonderful relationships I had made, because of the commitment of so many parents, and because I knew that after two years, Grace's Christian Education program would be not only up and on its feet, but "ready to run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith."   (Hebrews 12:1)

 But now, it is with a heavy heart that I must let you know of my intention to leave the post at the end of June of this year.  This has been a very hard decision.  I have loved the time I have spent at Grace.  It has been a pleasure getting to know the children, their parents, those who give their time and energy to teaching, our wonderful staff, and the wider community.  Over the two years the Christian Education program has grown in numbers, in organization and in strength.  We have restored the tradition of an all-age celebration of Mardi Gras, improved the Christmas Pageant script and made new costumes, taught ongoing Sunday classes for three age-groups, have all children in 5th grade and above signed up as acolytes, established a Christian Education Committee, and much more.

 But now I am leaving to begin a new and exciting project, opening an educational resource center for home-schooled teens, and I know that this is something that will take all my time, and then some!   I am therefore announcing my departure to give Grace the time to find the ideal person to continue working with the children and their parents in providing a full and welcoming Christian Education program.

 We do not need to begin saying goodbyes yet!  I look forward to several months of continued commitment to the program, with all the usual end of year events, and some surprises along the way.  I thank you all for your kindness and prayers over the last two years, and ask that you will pray for me, and for Grace Church, as we make this transition together.