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Updates from the Warden

posted Mar 14, 2013, 8:48 AM by Amelia Fannin   [ updated Mar 14, 2013, 8:48 AM by in apropos ]
This week I offer a short, two-part update.
You should have received an email on Sunday evening letting you know that, in our search for a priest to succeed Margaret next year, that we will either accept a "Priest In Charge" suggested to us by the Diocese (with our approval) or will call a new Rector on our own (with the Bishop's approval).   But Margaret herself will not be one of the candidates after 2014.   It's long tradition that Interims themselves are not considered for the position of Rector in their parishes, and Grace Church will follow that tradition.
There'll be much more about what's ahead in a future newsletter - for now please know that everyone in the parish will have a chance to provide input throughout the process.
Second - hard as it is to believe - other things are also going on around Grace Church.  We are in the process of making the entrance to the Rectory accessible for people in wheelchairs.  The Rectory building is used by Riverside Counseling.  Riverside is our largest tenant and they provide services to folks all around Eastern Massachusetts.   It's a blessing that our property can be used in this way.   Please join me in thanking Scott Aquilina and Carolyn Sprich for their good management of this project.
We never intend our buildings to be anything less than accessible to all people.  Within a relatively few weeks, we will have fixed the entrance to the Rectory so that it's no longer possible for a wheelchair to get stuck between the two entrance doors.
That will do three things.  It will make the City of Newton happy.  It will bring us closer in practice with our own faithful intentions - to be open for all, both in church and for our renters.   Most of all, it will take away just a bit of trouble for anyone who gets around with the help of a wheelchair.
Yes, physical challenges and spiritual challenges are part of the human condition.  We hold onto the knowledge that nothing - no height, no depth, no power, no principality, not things past nor things to come, no created thing whatsoever will separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.
David Barbrow
Senior Warden