B-SAFE 2019

What is B-SAFE?

B-SAFE is a ministry of the Diocese of Massachusetts that impacts a huge number of under-privileged youth. This year, Grace and other parish partners served over 500 young people, 160 teen staff, and 90+ adult staff. During our week as a B-SAFE parish partner (July 22-26, 2019), more than 25 volunteers of all ages from the Grace community came out to help. Thank you for all your hard work, and we look forward to being a partner congregation again next year!

A selfie of some of our amazing 2019 volunteers!

A letter from the coordinator of B-SAFE

Dear B-SAFE 2019 Partners,
Whoot, we did it!!

B-SAFE 2019–our 20th (!) Anniversary summer of B-SAFE–was a HUGE success for our whole community: young people, staff, families and you, our partners! Your time, energy, talents, and energy helped to make all of the magic happen!
B-SAFE is about community and relationships.
Our collective effort and the attention and care you shared during B-SAFE were a big part of building this community of love, reconciliation, and hope.

B-SAFE is about working together.

  • You menu-planned, shopped, cooked, plated, fed, read, chatted, gardened, and played music and games.
  • You planned for rain, prayed for sun, roller skated, led worship, picked blueberries, made art, hula-hooped, relay-raced and scheduled field trips to range of places.
  • You helped us build community together. In these times when stories of separation and divisiveness are lead news reports, you created Good News stories of connection through B-SAFE.

B-SAFE has a real impact.

  • We served about 37,000 meals, with 17,500 being lunches provided by partners. That is not a typo!
  • About 300 volunteers from partner organizations–including nearly 50 partner churches and two interfaith networks–fed 500+ young people, 160 teen staff and 90+ adult staff.
  • We organized about 55 full-day field trips (most thanks to partners), plus over 100 half day trips.

B-SAFE collects those stories!
Want to see some amazing photos and read some great anecdotes?
Please follow us on Instagram or Facebook and read our blog to see lots of awesome stories and photos of our time together.

The B-SAFE spirit keeps going!
St. Stephen’s Youth Program’s academic and enrichment programs run year-round. During the school year, SSYP runs after-school programs every school day, as well as college and career programs for teens, and has a vibrant partnership at the Blackstone School right across the street from St. Stephen’s (where our partnership of partners runs the school library). Might you consider volunteering with us during the school year, too?
Volunteering can fit your schedule and interests.

  • you can volunteer on your own or with a group;
  • you can volunteer once a year or twice a week, and lots in between;
  • you can volunteer during the school day, after school or in the evening;
  • you can volunteer with young people and young adults of nearly any age, from ages 5-25.