Behind the Scenes: The Church School Creation Play!

This past Sunday, members of our Church School presented a play of the first lesson, of the Creation story from Genesis. They did a great job, and brought lots of imagination and creativity to the retelling of a familiar story! (“God” wore a cotta and held a “thumbs’ up” emoji sign to indicate that what he created was good!) This play was an example of the way that Jared, and now Tom, and the Christian Education Committee have been rethinking how we form our children in faith. Though we have put on plays with the Church School in the past (live or recorded), we haven’t done so in a while. About a year ago, the Christian Education Committee began a series of conversations about what we wanted to teach children and youth, and how we wanted to teach it. So often conversations about Church School begin with choosing curricula, but we wanted to take a step back and first look at our values and core beliefs as a parish, and then decide how best to teach those things. Only then would we look at curricula and formats. We decided we wanted children and parents participate in faith-forming activities together sometimes; to weave in music and the arts more; to teach the Bible creatively, and for children to have more participatory roles in worship. Social action and stewardship of creation is also important to us. All of these things, of course, mirror our larger values as a parish. Having these conversations helped us plan this Eastertide segment of Formation Station, the play. Children and parents worked together for weeks to revisit the story, come up with the “script,” work on costumes and posters and props, decide roles, and practice staging. This play was an act of “biblical imagination,” that brought children and parents together to creatively tell this story of our faith and reflect upon it. Even younger children had some questions: how did God create plants before creating the sun? (Look it up; they’re right!!) This was a good opportunity for a conversation about literal, historic truth and mythic truth! This Creation play is one example of how we are trying to be intentional, creative, hands-on, intergenerational, and worshipful in our ministry to and with children. Bravo, Grace Church School!

In Christ,