Crafting a More Life-Giving Advent

Crafting a More Life-Giving Advent

One of my favorite picture books is “Christmas with the Mousekins” by Maggie Smith, about a family of mice that prepares for Christmas by baking, skating on a pond, caroling, and making presents for each other. There are lots of craft instructions and recipes included, and the Mousekins are pretty adorable. Before I actually had kids, I think that is what I imagined December would be like with children at home: preparing for Christmas by doing fun, simple, relaxing activities together.

So, that’s not really how it’s turned out. Maybe Smith will write another book, about the secrets of the Mousekins’ work/life balance! However, I believe that one of the roles of the Church is to push back against the practices of our dominant culture that are not life-giving. And that’s where Advent Crafternoon comes in!

For three hours this Saturday, you can claim your inner crafty Mousekin. Crafts and cookies are provided, or you can bring your own. Sit and knit with friends and listen to carols; sip hot cocoa and make an ornament. This is for all ages—baby Mousekins and Grandma/Grandpa Mousekins are all welcome!

The Mousekins aren’t very religious, but I do think they have something important about Christmas (and Advent!) figured out—this is a season to treasure each other, to be with family and friends, to enjoy the blessings we’ve received, and create some blessings to give away.

In Christ,