GDG Schedule: Lent 2017

Join us for our four week Lenten series entitled: Reconciliation and Peace Making

Sundays at 9:30 am in the Small Hall

March 5 – Inner Peace and Social Change: Ancient Wisdom for Integrating Personal, Spiritual Development and Social Justice

Our first guest presenter is David Jaffe,  a rabbi, social worker, educational consultant, and author of Changing the World from the Inside Out, winner of the 2016 National Jewish Book Award.  In this session, David will explore with us the often neglected connection between inner drives, motivations, characteristics, and the public choices that impact systemic issues like racism and violence.  Drawing on ancient Jewish wisdom about the inner life and ethical development, we will identify practices for bringing more holiness to our personal lives and, together with others, to society at large.  This is a wonderful way to begin the season of Lent!

March 12- Pacifism

guest presenter John Bach, the Quaker Chaplain at Harvard University, will focus on the tenets of “Pacifism” as fundamental to deepening worship, strengthening community, and increasing witness in the world. He will give particular attention to the strategies of interfaith response to perpetual war, nuclear weapons, and climate destruction (“the New Normal “). John Bach is a longtime Quaker and peace activist who spent three years in prison during the war in Vietnam, and has tried to remain faithful to that trajectory.

March 19- Just Peace Making

guest presenter,  Rev. Rodney Petersen from Cooperative Metropolitan Ministries. Defining just peace, finding space, building community through truth, forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoring justice: this is the intent of this presentation, an invitation to journey through the wounds of humanity toward a working vision of God’s shalom in life-enhancing relationships. Arising from intercultural and interdisciplinary perspectives, Just Peacemaking is a concept and practice of justice that orients ethics around the non-resistance insight of Matthew 5:38-42.

March 26- Consensus Building in Civic Life

guest presenter, Sam Tyler, President, Boston Municipal Research Bureau