Welcome dear feast of Lent as they say!  It was wonderful to turn again to our usual church school model, and with it we’re bringing some of the prayer practices we learned in Formation Station, and discursive scripture time from Chapel Time.  On Sunday, in Children’s Chapel we read the gospel about the temptations of Christ and tried to piece together how it leads us into Lent.

Molly and Owen lead Godly Play in learning the first two Faces of Easter, focusing on Jesus’ birth and growth, and the story of being left at the temple, both seen through the lens of the Lenten season.  Margaret and Caroline lead the Elementary Class through their first lesson with The Path Storybook called Moses: Rules to Live By.  It dovetails nicely with the recent lectionary readings on the Ten Commandments that we looked at in Chapel Time.  The Middle School group kicked off Lent with a series on looking more closely at scripture, and grappled with what it means that the Bible is an inspired text.

Two quick announcements: 1.) we still have Lent-at-Home bags available, so if you’re looking for prayer practices to do with your family during Lent, check in with Tom. 2.) You’ll notice in coffee hour that a setup to color in a stations of the cross poster is available.  This is an intergenerational activity, so we encourage you to spend a moment or two coloring an image of Jesus for us to use in our Good Friday services.